X3GTS-e 2023 Electric 1/8 GT Pro Kit

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New Features   1. Batteries Placed Side by Side Improve driving balance &... mehr
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New Features


1. Batteries Placed Side by Side

Improve driving balance & stability by placing batteries side by side.

In addition, more effective heat dissipation with new design of hollow chassis.


2. Transmission Efficiency Increased by Above 98%

Greatly increase the transmission efficiency and reduce the wear of drive shaft by adjusting the angle of suspension brackets.


3. Adjustable Modular Counterweight Design

Adjustable counterweight designed for racers to achieve their own desired center-of gravity for the cars.


4. Adjustable Rear Hub Carrier

Brand new rear hub carrier highly improves cornering grip by reducing sway with functions of adjustable height and camber of tyres.


    Introduction Video Linkhttps://fb.watch/ewk6i_8XEn/



Complete CVA Driveshaft
Complete Hight Performance Bearing Set
Two Piece Set CNC Alum. Motor Mount
7075 CNC Lightweight Chassis
7075 CNC Rear Hubs
7075 CNC Suspension Bracket (FF/FR)
16mm Large Shock Absorber
4mm Carbon Fiber Shock Tower (F/R)
Larger Anti-Collision Sponge
Servo Holder, Alum
Rear Body Fasten Set
High Hardened Steel Shock Spring
Front And Rear Sealed Differential
CNC Machined Hardened 13 Tooth Bevel Pinion Gear
CNC Machined Hardened 43 Tooth Bevel  Gear
Removable For Easy Of Cleaning The Car
7075 CNC C Hub, 10 Degree
Aluminum 7075 CNC Bulkhead (F/R)
Diff Cap Joint (Lightweight)


Length:   576mm
Width:    317mm
Height    170mm
Weigth:    3250g(No Battery)
Wheel/Base:   325~330mm

Clutch Bell: 46T
Spur Gear: 17T
Shock Tower: Carbon fiber
Shock Spring(Front): 2.3x20.5x35mm
Shock Spring(Rear): 2.3x20.5x35mm
Length: 576mm
Width: 317mm
Height: 170mm
Welght: 3250g( without Battery)
Wheelbase: 325~330mm

"X3GTS-e 2023 Electric 1/8 GT Pro Kit"
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