X3S EVO E Buggy Kit 1/8 Electric

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IN THIS KIT INCLUDED   . HONG NOR BODY SHELL → part number: X3.6-20... mehr
Produktinformationen "X3S EVO E Buggy Kit 1/8 Electric"



. HONG NOR BODY SHELL → part number: X3.6-20
.  HONG NOR REAR WING → part number: 380W
. HONG NOR TYRES with rims and sponge
. part number tyres: BT-120
. part number sponge: 404
. part number rims: 401W
.  Decal sheet 


. Light Weight Front, Rear And Center Differentials.
. Complete Set Of Light Weight Out Drivers.
. 7075 CNC 5mm Aluminum Front And Rear Shock Towers.
. Full Travel Front And Rear Suspension.
. Redesign Steering System With Ackerman.
. Soild Constructed Arms And Camber Links.
. 7075 3mm Lightened Chassis With Countersunk Screws.
. Special Capped Center Driveline.
. Small Front And Rear Gear Case With Sway Bar Mount.
. Complete Hight Performance Baering Set.
. Composite Stone Guards And Rear Mud Deflectors.
. Hight Impact Down Force Wing.
. Clear Cab Forward Body For Excellent Handling.
. 7075 CNC C Hub. 12 Degree.
. 7075 CNC Rear Hubs.
. Covered Receiver Box And The Electronics Mounts are Removable For Ease Of Cleaning The Car.
. CNC Machined Hardened 13 Tooth Bevel Pinion Gear.
. CNC Machined Hardened 43 Tooth Bevel Gear.
. Two Piece Set CNC Aluminum Motor Mount.
. New Wing Spoiler Body Shell.

. Length    515mm
. Front Width   307mm
. Rear Width   303mm
. Height   188mm
. Wheelbase   325~330mm
. Weight   3600g

MANUAL: http://www.hongnor-racing.com/program/files3/files/X3S-EVO%20e%20Instruction%20Manual.pdf


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