MITO 9 stahl-stahl

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Displacement : 3,49 cc     R.P.M. (max power)... mehr
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Displacement: 3,49 cc
   R.P.M. (max power): 41.500 RPM
   Bore x stroke: 15,88x17,60 mm
   Sleeve: 9 ports
   Rear ball bearings: steel
   Front ball bearings: steel
   Crankshaft: 14,5 mm - turbo
   Carburetor: aluminium - 9 mm - slide
   Glowplug: Turbo (C8TGTB)
   Exhaust position: rear
   Starting: -
   Weight: 336 g
   Fuel type: 25% nitro






The shifted carburetor grants a better mixture flow inside through the crankase's intake. This gives the engine an improved fuel efficiency and a better power curve.


Rear ball bearings:
The new ball bearing reduces the inertia of the rotating masses and increases the engine's scavenging. You can see both the ball bearing and the manufacturing process result in the picture above. These novelties give an increased throttle response and a higer top speed.




The new three tuning needles gives a better idle and improves the ability of the engine to return to low rpm after throttling.


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