MITO 35 WC/17 stahl-stahl

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  • MITO-35WCA.17
MITO 35 WCH/17 configuration:     Displacement : 3,49 cc... mehr
Produktinformationen "MITO 35 WC/17 stahl-stahl"

MITO 35 WCH/17 configuration:
Displacement: 3,49 cc
R.P.M. (max power): 41.800 RPM
Bore x stroke: 16,26x16,80 mm
Sleeve: 9 ports
Rear ball bearings: steel
Front ball bearings: steel
Crankshaft: 14,5 mm - turbo - tuned
Carburetor: aluminium - 9 mm - slide 3 adj.
Glowplug: Turbo (C8TGFB)
Exhaust position: rear
Starting: standard
Weight: 337 g
Fuel type: 25% nitro





The R4 2017 edition conrod is made from a superlight alluminium which has been checked ultrasonic. A new material that, while maintaining the lightness and performance of the previous R4, is able to give it a nearly doubled durability, thus leading to the reliability of our engines at a higher level.


The crankshaft is grinded to increase the mixture flow and has a special shape to reduce turbulences inside the crankcase. The balancing is done by two inserts made of tungsten alloy and the inlet has a silicon filling to reduce the weight of the crankshaft to improve acceleration.


Rear ball bearing:
The rear ball bearing has high quality ceramic balls to minimize wear and inertia to improve acceleration and fuel consumption.


The new three tuning needles gives a better idle and improves the ability of the engine to return to low rpm after throttling.

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