ISON.12 stahl-stahl

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  • ISON.12
Displacement : 2,1 cc     R.P.M. (max power)... mehr
Produktinformationen "ISON.12 stahl-stahl"

Displacement: 2,1 cc
R.P.M. (max power): 41.100 RPM
Practical range: 6.000-41.900 R.P.M.
Bore x stroke: 13,70x14,25 mm
Sleeve: 3 ports
Rear ball bearings: steel
Front ball bearings: steel
Crankshaft: 11,5 mm - turbo
Carburetor: aluminium - 6,5 mm - slide
Glowplug: Turbo (C6TF)
Exhaust position: rear
Starting: -
Weight: 220 g
Fuel type: 16% nitro








Compression rings:
The ignition timing is controlled with these little rings of various thickness. To change the ignition timing you can add or remove a ring of a certain thickness.


The sleeve is derived from years of experience in the field and is made with a special chrome plated brass which allows it to have a higher hardness to ensure a longer life. In this case realized with 3 ports.


The crankshaft is made from high quality steel and is available in SG version.


The glowplug of engine is a Turbo type glowplug. Turbo glowplugs have a different shape than Standard glowplugs and therefor are not interchange able with engines that are using Standard glowplugs!

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