GTR8-P 1.5mm EFRA 6005 (320mm-360mm)

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  • GTR8-P1.5
We are proud to present our "GTR8-P" body, where "P" means Performance and Persico.... mehr
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We are proud to present our "GTR8-P" body, where "P" means Performance and Persico. Performance, because it is the goal achieved with the precious help of Fabio Persico (experienced driver of the Italian GT Championship). In fact, we have made some changes that have stabilized the car a lot on all tracks. For more downforce we have lowered the rear window a lot and added a very conspicuous flap at the end of the rear hood. We have increased and reinforced the rear wing. We have lengthened and lowered the front nose for a smaller CX and increased the two front side flaps for greater aerodynamic load on the front. Finally we have reinforced the side skirts and front fenders. All this made it possible to significantly lower the lap times


GTR8 fit almost all SuperGT and Rally Game/Touring 1:8 models.

Wheelbase: 320mm / 360mm

3D CAD designed to improve to the maximum aerodynamic, strength and cooling performances.

Made from 1,5 mm HQ Makrolon polycarbonate sheets for best strength and durability.

It is supplied clear, uncut, with outside white protect film, with rear wing, paint mask, stickers, wing screws.

Give a more aggressive look to your 1:8 GT / Touring race model !!!



Length: 542mm
Width: 308mm
Height: 128mm
Wheelbase: 320mm / 360mm

"GTR8-P 1.5mm EFRA 6005 (320mm-360mm)"
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