FLASH.12 PTA stahl-stahl

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Displacement : 2,1 cc     R.P.M. (max power) : 42.500 RPM    ... mehr
Produktinformationen "FLASH.12 PTA stahl-stahl"

Displacement: 2,1 cc
   R.P.M. (max power): 42.500 RPM
   RPractical range: 6.000 - 43.700
   Bore x stroke: 13,70x14,25 mm
   Sleeve: 3 ports
   Rear ball bearing: steel
   Front ball bearing: steel
   Crankshaft: 11,9 mm - tuned - turbo
   Carburetor: aluminium - 6,5 mm - slide
   Glowplug: Turbo (C6TGF)
   Exhaust position: rear
   Starting: -
   Weight: 227 g.
   Fuel Type: 16% nitro













This a 'Lighter&Lower evolution 2' type of cooling head.
It is drilled and milled out to reduce the mass of the coolinghead which sits high up in the car and thereby lowering the Center of Gravity of the engine/car.


This Piston/Sleeve set is optimized for use in EFRA/IFMAR competition events and is made from hard chromed brass and features 3 transfer ports.


This is a special Tuned Crankshaft. Made to meet even the highest standards of our most demanding drivers. Slightly reduced rotational mass and greatly improved fuel flow provide great performance.


Combustion chamber:
The combustion chamber is supported by an O-Ring which is placed between the combustion chamber and the crankcase to reduce the vibrations of the combustion chamber.











The conrod is made from superlight&superstrong alluminium to make the lightest and strongest possible conrod to withstand the abuse of a .12 racing engine.


we have made this backplate with a special steel inlay, this reduces friction and wear when the conrod touches it. The round shape reduces the dead space inside the engine.


This Alloy venturi is specially shaped to minimize the boundry layer build up. With this special shape it will maximize the potential performance out put of your engine.




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