Blitz GT4 1/8 (0,8 mm)

Blitz GT4 1/8 (0,8 mm)
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  • 60807-08
Blitz GT4 1/8 New BLITZ 1/8 th  GT Body-shell GT4 is ready now, the new GT4 body is... mehr
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Blitz GT4 1/8

New BLITZ 1/8th GT Body-shell GT4 is ready now, the new GT4 body is cooperate designed by JJ design with aerodynamic calculated and it is base on the real GT sport car, The body specification follows the IFMAR GT GBS rules and it also improves to have more steering and more overall stability, standard body build from 1.0mm high-quality clear polycarbonate sheet, rear wing set and window mask and decal all included.

"Blitz GT4 1/8 (0,8 mm)"
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